Rezkii wows Singapore WordPress developers

Our Founder, Hazrul, gave demos on some of the WordPress as a Service in the wild, one of which is Rezkii, in this week’s WordPress User Group Meetup. The audience was amazed with Rezkii and loved the fact that we are SaaS and comes with an amazing drag and drop builder.

The participants asked plenty of questions, ranging from technical questions and strategic questions for people using Rezkii.

Watch the 40min presentation here.

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And the slides here.

WordPress as a Service from Hazrul Jamari


How to sell faster by NOT building a website

12243407_10153411823922655_3739525851214354583_nLast Saturday, I presented a talk on “How to sell faster by not building a website” at BarCamp JB 2015. I related my experience how solving mosque donation problems led me to building an ecommerce solution for e-retail businesses. I was happy to see a good crowd listening to my talk and happy to learn from my Johor peers that there is a lot of potential for my product in Malaysia.

You can see the presentation slides on slideshare below.

How to sell online faster by NOT building a website. from Hazrul Jamari

So how exactly do you sell online faster without building a website? Well, the irony is that we’ll be using software that is usually used for building websites. But we’ll be cutting out a lot of processes with automation done on Rezkii so that you get a proper eCommerce store that is already optimised for online sales.

Rezkii has a WordPress core, and therefore it is governed by WordPress functions. What we do is to automatically generate a working eCommerce store with optimised eCommerce templates. We took out the complexity of running your own WordPress website, which is increasingly popularly used for eCommerce stores. 1 out of every 4 sites today runs on WordPress and WooCommerce has a 7.8% market share, the second largest after Magento for eCommerce software.

We then designed the solution to reduce unproductivity by helping businesses do automated digital marketing. We integrated with Buffer, and helped our customers post to social media automatically when publishing a product or a blog post. This reduces time and effort to market products online making businesses more productive.

Next we wrote our own optimised themes allowing the user not to fiddle with too many options and just focus on content. With less distraction to make the perfect website, users focus solely on the sales process.

This then allows them more time to craft their marketing plans and execute them better.

With our approach, Darul Ghufran Mosque was able to generate on average $2000 per month. This allowed the mosque to cater to an increasingly mobile connected, digital native household who won’t come down to the mosque to make payments.

With that success, we then decided to turn Rezkii into a mainstream product for e-retail customers.

I asked the audience how I could serve Malaysian customers. And they said in Malaysia customers tend to favour COD. One of the reasons why small businesses have not really gone for online payments is because of the costs. They see a big potential for me in Malaysia and I’m still deliberating my thoughts on it. How do you think I can help Malaysian e-retail businesses?