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You take care of your business. We take care of the technology.

Easy drag & drop builder.

We've made website building dead easy. You can build your website without learning how to code. The ease of use of such a drag and drop builder of this kind on the most installed website content management system is unprecedented. Just point and click. Easy.

Dozens of gorgeous page templates.

Templates make designing easy and saves you time. Choose a template, replace the images and text with yours, then hit publish. You can even save your own designs as templates and reuse them all over your site, or export them to use on a different site.

Same engine used by 43% of websites in Singapore.

30% of Malaysian websites use WooCommerce. 43% of Singapore websites use WooCommerce. 51% of Indonesian websites use WooCommerce. Rezkii is powered by WooCommerce. The same software used by majority of small and medium businesses in Southeast Asia.

Same software powering 1 out of every 4 sites in the world.

Rezkii is a WordPress SaaS. It is WordPress on the cloud. This is the same software used by Fortune 500 companies to power their websites. Why should your small business use anything less?

Your data is always yours.

Some web builder SaaS rely on proprietary software. It's insanely difficult to migrate your website if you need to. With Rezkii, your data is 100% yours. If you ever need to migrate your website, simply click on the export tools, and you can transfer your data to any compatible WordPress host!

Online payments for your site ready in seconds.

Frictionless payments from as low as SGD 0.45 per transaction.

Accept credit cards at a cheaper rate.

Credit Card payments from 2.9% + SGD 0.25 per transaction with SmoovPay is so easy to start. Simply sign up with Rezkii, and register your email with SmoovPay within Rezkii settings. Start accepting online payments now!

ASEAN-wide payments.

International payments are available with Paypal making it easy for any business in ASEAN to start a Rezkii store. Local payment integrations are currently available for Singapore only, and we will provide ASEAN payments very soon on a country by country basis.

Stock management & deliveries all on a single screen.

Say goodbye to stocking and fulfillment headaches.

Manage your inventory with ease.

You no longer need a spreadsheet to manage your inventory. Rezkii has inventory management and product management built-in. Easily stock-up on your inventory when it's running low.

Process your Deliveries easily

Consolidate your orders and let iFleet take care of shipments for you. With Rezkii you no longer need to integrate with other shipping options.

Limitless e-Commerce modes that fits your business model.

Get payments for events, raise some money and save money on agent fees.

Run your events with Rezkii.

Save money on agent fees and sell tickets to your event directly from your Rezkii website. The only charges you pay are gateway transaction fees. Running events are easy with Rezkii!

Raise money for your non-profit projects.

Many non-profits in Singapore are unable to get online donations because of the costs involved. Rezkii makes this painless with our Fundraising module. Run a fundraising campaign like those startups!

Make your marketing count from SEO to EDM

Your online store armed with our Marketing Swiss Army Knife

Push to social media seamlessly.

You no longer have to login to all your social media accounts and re-post the link to the page you updated. With Rezkii, everything is systemised, streamlined and automated, helping you to save time and money.

Rank high on Google.

Push your site up high on Google searches with an SEO tool in every page. Rezkii provides a powerful SEO module that lets you define keywords and descriptions for each page, helping you reach the top of your topic rankings.

Email marketing with MailChimp.

Rezkii is integrated with MailChimp providing you with a powerful 360ยบ email marketing system, allowing you to send emails to customers automatically when they sign up to your store and create a relationship with your customer online from the first visit. Close that sale faster with Rezkii.

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